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The archipelago of Guadeloupe is part of the arch of the Lesser Antilles, it is located in the south of the Caribbean Sea. Resembling a butterfly, the hilly island of Grande-Terre has long beaches and sugar cane fields, while on the island of Basse-Terre, the national park of Guadeloupe shelters the Carbet Falls and the volcano Soufriere. Among the smaller islands are Marie-Galante and Désirade. The municipality of Bouillante is located on Basse-Terre between Pointe-Noire and Vieux-Habitants. Notable because of the Cousteau reserve at Malendure where different structures offer you extraordinary snorkelling, you can swim, if you are lucky, with the turtles. The particularity of Bouillante is also the presence of natural hot springs on the coast, land and sea. Bouillante is located not far from the Parc des Mamelles (zoo of Guadeloupe), Deshaies Botanical Garden ( Coluche house), the Maison du Cacao (Museum in Pointe-Noire), the Domaine de Vanibel (farm coffee and vanilla in Vieux-habitants), the famous rhumerie Bologna in Basse-Terre, the national park (rainforest) where you can practice walks, abseiling, canyoning, … Many activities and diverse, are possible around Bouillante.

The Weather

Guadeloupe has a tropical climate.
A dry season, called ” Lent”, which runs from mid-February to mid-August;
A wet season called “wintering”, which runs from mid-August to mid-February.
If the temperature of the water is on average 27 ° C, it rises to 30 ° C in August or September.
Guadeloupe enjoys an exceptional climate throughout the year, it is all the time “summer”.


Carnival begins on the first Sunday of January and ends on Ash Wednesday (after Mardi Gras).

sailing race the Route du Rhum

Every four years, we are lucky and happy to see the skippers participating in the Route du Rhum.

Our suggestions

Plage grande anse Deshaies

Plage grande anse – Deshaies

25 minutes from the villa, this famous beach of Guadeloupe is located near Deshaies. Coconut palms, ocher sand, particularly pleasant in the evening, when the sun sets on the Caribbean Sea … Unforgettable show …

Trou à diable

Trou à diable 

The Trou à Diable waterfall is located near Bouillante. You will be enchanted by the beauty of this lush vegetation and tropical plants. Beautiful site … To do, when the good weather is there …

Botanical Garden – Deshaies

Located in the town of Deshaies, this park of 7 hectares makes you discover a variety of plants, remarkable trees, not to mention the tropical animals. The garden is the old property of Coluche (french artist). Very beautiful photos assured …

Jardin botanique
Plage de Malendure

Plage de Malendure 

5 minutes from the villa, this black sand beach faces the Pigeon Islands. Well known for its seabed, thanks to the reserve Cousteau, you can swim with turtles. Scuba diving lovers will feast … The “Japanese garden” is waiting for you in PMT ( Palm, Snorkel and Diving Mask)

Grand cul de sac marin

Grand cul de sac marin

It is a nature reserve located between Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre. You will be able to discover its beautiful turquoise waters, its coral reef, its magnificent beaches of white sand, … By opting for the boat excursion or, for the most adventurous ones, in ULM … This bay is a pure marvel of the nature …

Petit Canal

Petit canal

The old prison is not far from the slave markets at Petit-Canal. A huge fig tree stands in front of the ruined building. The atmosphere is heavy and full of history …

Marché aux épices

Pointe à pitre

Spice Market: The Saint-Antoine market is located in the heart of the city of Pointe-à-Pître. You will find all the spices of the country (cinnamon, vanilla, colombo, chilli, nutmeg, …). Friendly moment and explosion of colors with the Madras dress shops …

Plage du bois Jolan

Plage du bois Jolan

The beach of Bois Jolan is located in the town of Sainte Anne. With its white sand, coconut trees and turquoise waters, it makes us dream. The shallow seaside is ideal for swimming and this is why it is very crowded on weekends by families who come to picnic for the day …

Plage du souffleur

Plage du souffleur – Port Louis

This beach is located in Port Louis. Full of charm, it is one of the most beautiful beaches of Guadeloupe. Golden sand, shade, large picnic area … In the extension of the beach, you can visit the marine cemetery of Port Louis and its tombs decorated with shells …

Sainte Anne

Sainte Anne

Sainte-Anne is a coastal town on Grande-Terre. On the coast, you can stop at the market where you will find all the local products …



You can discover it in different ways: on foot, in canoe or small boat. Lush vegetation … with the characteristic tree: The mangrove … Ideal to visit with a tourist guide …


A une heure de mer de Pointe-à-Pitre, l’île paisible de Marie-Galante vous attend avec ses magnifiques plages de sable blanc…

Les Saintes

Trentre minutes de navigation à partir de Trois rivières vous permettent d’accéder à une des plus belles baies du monde et au charme des îles des Saintes.


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